Cross Cultural Seminars & Online Training

Handshaikh offers flexible training solutions to suit your requirement, budget and timetable. Our structured face-to-face cross cultural seminars and online training programmes offer you a comprehensive overview of life and business in the Arab world, whether you choose to attend a face-to-face or live on line class hosted by Jeremy Williams, or to study on your own via our on line training platform.

What will be the benefits of attending these courses?
Most Gulf Arabs, especially the younger Gulf Arab, have a good awareness of The West and of Western norms and behaviour. Regrettably, the opposite is often true in terms of Western understanding of the Gulf and its nationals. The latter are therefore well-used to innocent but ‘clumsy’ Western behaviour in or with Gulf. It therefore follows that any Westerner who indicates some understanding of the Gulf, of Islam, of the structure of Gulf Society and of ‘how things work’ (all topics covered in these courses) will be seen as particularly welcome and as ‘special’. Such a Westerner and his or her organisation will almost certainly be welcomed more easily than other organisations. This may well give the edge in terms of winning a contract.

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Seminars & Lectures

Private, face-to-face cross cultural seminars have been offered globally by Handshaikh for more than 25 years, and continue to be offered. See clients. They provide a country-specific solution tailored to your organisational requirements.

These sessions are delivered at your offices or at a location to suit you such as at a local hotel. These sessions are particularly suitable for your executive or senior management teams as it’s possible to have discreet conversations in the margins of the event itself. It’s wise to include all staff who support those who are, or will be, in contact with Arabs – especially HR and Finance Directors – as well as their Executive Assistants.

The fee includes a hard copy of Handshaikh’s book.

To discuss a closed event designed specifically for you please make contact. The typical programme will be adapted to suit your requirements.

Public, face-to-face lectures are occasionally given in London, for example, at the Middle East Association or at the Arab British Chamber of Commerce, and elsewhere in UK. Briefings are given to various trade delegations before they depart for the Gulf.

The next public event is ‘Successfully doing Business in the Gulf’ – a free Department for International Trade seminar and networking lunch on the morning of Thursday 25 October 2018  at the Mulberry House Chelmsford Road, High Ongar, CM5 9LY  (ten miles west of Chelmsford). For details click here.

On line training

Handshaikh’s Virtual Classroom offers both closed and public events to suit your budget and requirement.

What to expect:

The Virtual Classroom offers a live video feed for a fully interactive class hosted by one of our presenters. It combines the functionality of interactive whiteboards, breakout areas for individual and group activities and live chat so that you get the most from your training.

We recommend groups of 6-8 participants to ensure your team gets the most from their training and to allow plenty of scope for questions and answers.

Our sessions are hosted from the UK but timed to suit your office working day wherever you are worldwide.

Reasonable broadband bandwidth will be needed. Broadband test.

To discuss your requirement please make contact.

Public events are also available. To learn the date and location of the next public Virtual Classroom course please make contact.

The fee for all Virtual Classroom events includes a Kindle version of Handshaikh’s book.

Self–paced training offers both individuals and companies access to a bank of training materials that can be studied at any time to suit you via our online training platform. Topics.