Online training

Handshaikh offers various types of training, see here for an overview.

Our structured online training programmes offer you a comprehensive overview of life and business in the Arab world, whether you choose to attend a live online class hosted by Jeremy Williams (typical content here) or to study on your own via our online training platform (typical content is here (pdf).

Virtual Training

What to expect: The virtual classroom offers a live video feed for a fully interactive class hosted by one of our presenters. The virtual classroom combines the functionality of interactive whiteboards, breakout areas for individual and group activities and live chat so that you get the most from your training.

Handshaikh virtual training sessions are structured around a formal presentation and typically last about two hours with plenty of time for anecdotes, and questions and answers along the way via live chat or interactive discussion.

For companies

Virtual training offers a cost-effective, flexible training solution allowing participants throughout your organisation to attend a live class without incurring travel, time and accommodation costs.

Handshaikh sessions can be scheduled to suit the availability of your global team or delivered one-to-one to senior members of staff via our virtual classroom. Each session is tailored to your specific requirements to ensure your staff get the most from their training. If more in-depth training on a specific area is required, we can add further sessions and tailor content to your organisational requirements.

Please contact Handshaikh directly to discuss costs, your training needs and scheduling requirements.

For individuals

Please make contact to express an interest and to find out when the next online public class is scheduled. We prefer small groups so spaces are limited to allow plenty of time for interactive question and answers from all participants.

Study at your leisure with our self-paced programme

The programme is divided into eight main topics with a series of short, narrated presentations in each unit introducing key learning points for managing life and business in the Gulf.

Each section can be tackled individually or in numerical order, depending on your interest and experience. Short recall tests at the end of each unit help you to check your understanding of key learning points. You can monitor and track your own progress and review material as much as you need.

Content mapan overview of the programme (pdf). 

Access the programme.

A Kindle version of the acclaimed book “Don’t they know it’s Friday?” by Jeremy Williams, MD of Handshaikh, is available to download as part of this programme’s fee; instructions on how to do that are within the programme.

How do I register for a course?

Contact Handshaikh. Follow the steps as advised in Handshaikh’s reply to you.

Need more information?

For organisations wishing to incorporate either of these solutions as part of an onboarding package or if you simply want to know more about our programmes, please contact Handshaikh for further information and details.