Tag Cultural Awareness Training

People perceive, understand and appraise matters in various ways. In some cases, what we may find appropriate in our own culture may be inappropriate in others. This may sometimes lead to misunderstandings, pitfalls, and frustrations, highlighting the importance of cultural awareness training.

The training programme

Our cultural awareness training programme offers a comprehension of the different types of behaviours and rules that exist in the Gulf countries of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman. It also provides useful information on how you can react to these differences. Lastly, it offers essential tips on how to circumvent misunderstandings to improve business activities and relations. It includes crucial aspects such as the structure of Gulf society.

Since we are aware that every person prefers a different style of learning, we use a variety of teaching methods to ensure that you engage with all the subject content, particularly the fundamental notions and learning points. Thus, our training comprises of private seminars, self-paced training, public lectures, and online training.

Our cultural awareness trainers, through the combination of experiential and academic learning, will introduce to you the attitudes, skills, and knowledge needed to interact successfully with business executives in the Gulf. The interactive sessions will enable you to ask questions that will be answered professionally by the cultural awareness trainer. 

Who is suited for the programme?

The main focus of the programme is to help companies interested in doing business activities in the Gulf countries gain a competitive edge. Accordingly, the programme is suitable for business persons who will be in direct interaction with executives from the Arab world. These comprise of, but are not limited to, executives, executive assistants and senior management teams.

In the present world of business, it is essential for us to step outside our cultural boundaries through training to form functional business relationships. In this regard, the programme is vital for Westerners intending to formulate business relationships with companies and individuals in the Gulf.