Handshaikh has over the last 25 years provided briefings for more than 500 organisations and clients from many sectors. These have included Aviation, Architects, Automotive, Banking, Broadcasting, Chambers of Commerce, Computing, Consultants, Construction, Defence, Education, Electronics, Engineering, Government/Public Services, Hospitality & Leisure, Legal, Marine, Manufacturing, Media, Publishers, Retail & Wholesale, Security and Training.

Handshaikh advises on cross-cultural matters affecting Westerners and Arabs, assisting with all aspects of commercial and social relationships.

Sectors we serve


  • “I was amazed at your understanding of our way of life” —Fahad A, Qatari.
  • “How did you learn to imitate so well how Arab men negotiate?” —SN, Saudi lady diplomat, London.
  • “He didn’t make a single mistake on Islam and he explained it [more clearly] than our Imam at our mosque.” —Mohammad A, Leeds.
  • “Very comprehensive presentation, very pleasantly delivered.” —J-MM.
  • “Great day yesterday; [he] kept me interested and focussed throughout the day, which is something that I don’t think anyone has ever achieved. The course was well-paced and enjoyable.” —SB
  • “Excellent presentation; easy to listen to. Held attention and interest throughout. Very entertaining and informative. An extremely enjoyable and informative course.” —AR
  • “Anecdotes about Westerners & Arabs imitated like Peter Ustinov.” —AJC. CFEL
  • “Whilst many PowerPoint presentations cause [one] to steel [oneself] for an onset of boredom, Jeremy Williams, the guest speaker, kept guests gripped in their seats as though it [were] the opening night of Wall Street the movie.” —KJ, City Wealth.
  • “I couldn’t take enough notes. The information [he] shared has helped me forge crucial business and personal relationships in the Gulf”—KR, Macquarie Securities.